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LiRO cart

In keeping with our mission of providing Missouri patients with the cleanest products possible, we are proud to introduce you to the PREMIER Solventless Live Rosin vape Cartridge in Missouri. Hand crafted using only water, heat, and pressure before being put into our all glass cartridge to maximize each strain's true flavor and enhance your overall vaping experience. As an additional benefit, in the all glass cartridge your rosin never comes into contact with any metal surfaces eliminating the concern of heavy metals leaching into your vapes. Experience a clean, full spectrum terp-filled live rosin experience from start to finish with LiRo Cart.


LiRO cart

made exclusively with
 100% Solventless Live Hash Rosin

Our all glass cartridge allows you to enjoy the true flavor of each strain. Experience the taste and effect of our truly high-quality, solventless live rosin vape cartridge. 

Want to stock LiRO carts in your dispensary? 
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