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ROSIN-infused cooking ingredients

We're proud to be able to offer this selection of rosin-infused cooking ingredients. Made with full spectrum rosin, ingredient offers you options and is a partner to patients, caregivers, and adult consumers of legal age in Missouri. We want your cannabis experience to be easy and comfortable! Infuse any recipe quick and without any confusing work. With ingredient, you can 



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A great way to infuse your favorite recipe. Simply include the intended dosage worth of our full spectrum rosin infused GHEE into your recipe and you've got an infused menu personalized for your tastes and needs. No refrigeration required!


View some recipe suggestions here!

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Replace any cooking oil (vegetable oil, olive oil, coconut oil, and more) with this infused COOKING OIL to make any dish an infused delicacy! You can easily control the potency of every recipe with our serving recommendations.

No refrigeration required!

View some recipe suggestions here!

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Rosin-infused organic MCT oil with a hint of cinnamon in each drop. Use it directly under your tongue or mix it into your favorite recipe/beverage!

 View some recipe suggestions here!

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