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We at are committed to creating premium cannabis items that are entirely solvent-free. Our staff strives to uphold the most exceptional quality criteria, and we never compromise on excellence. Our selection of products includes LiRO concentrates and vapes, infused kitchen staples in the "ingredient" lineup, and vegan-friendly Greenola Bites, all infused with our signature artisan hash rosin.

Our Artisan crafted Live Rosin blends are thoughtfully curated to complement each other and represent our cultivator partners in the best possible way. You find them in our all-glass vape cartridge or in their purest form as a Live Rosin concentrate.

Original Greenola

*Gluten Free*

Berries & Chocolate

All Greenola ingredients are:
*Peanut Free*

Apple Cinnamon

*Refined-Sugar Free*
ingredient -WHITE - CWYI.png

Our selection of cooking ingredients infused with rosin is something we take pride in. These ingredients are made with full spectrum rosin and cater to patients, caregivers, and adult consumers of legal age in Missouri. Our aim is to make your cannabis experience easy and comfortable. With ingredient, you can quickly infuse any recipe without any confusion and choose what you want to infuse.

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